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“Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember…. I think we must expect great things from you, Mr. Potter….”

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, J. K. Rowling

Every one of you is capable of great things, and now that you’ve been given the magic wand of WordPress, you’ve got everything you need to make it happen. Seriously.

Follow your passion, and follow it now. It’s never too early to start.

Today I want to leave you with some final tools and inspiration. There are some excellent blogs and websites providing great information for bloggers, and some of them are created by or geared specifically to young entrepreneurs. There are also lots of teenagers using the web to make money or make a difference in the world. We’ll check out a few of them.


Alex Fraiser

Blogussion.comLet’s first look at Alex Fraiser, the guy behind both and was selected by blogger Bradley Will of Unstrapp’d ( as one of the top 30 young entrepreneur bloggers of 2009.

On both sites, Alex does amazing work using an ultra-flexible WordPress theme called Thesis from DIY Themes ( – highly recommended if you get serious about blogging). I found Alex because I was looking for information about Thesis, and he’s got it. He also has an ongoing series where he features other young bloggers. Today I want to show you a recent interview he did with …

Gloson Teh

Gloson Teh is an 11-year-old blogger. Here’s an excerpt from his interview with Alex:

“Since I started blog­ging, my writ­ing skills have increased and also my com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and peo­ple skills. I have also made many friends through blog­ging, and it also has gained me pub­lic­ity on the web.

“So, I will say that my blog is a tool for me to build my brand on the Inter­net and also a tool to explore, dis­cover, and net­work with peo­ple from all over the globe.

I’ve also writ­ten a post called 22 Rea­sons for You to Blog, most of which are the rea­sons I blog too, and most of which are the rea­sons YOU should blog too!”

You can check out Gloson’s blog at

Michael Dunlop

Retireat21.comThis kid is all about making money and making it fast, as you can probably deduce from his blog’s name: Retire@21. Money for money’s sake is not really my style, but he has some great information on here geared toward tweens and teens. He is proof that sometimes being a young blogger is better – he gets access to some unbelievable interviews precisely because he is young.

Jessica Mah

Jessica started her first internet company at the age of 13, finished high school at the age of 15, and is now a senior at UC Berkeley studying computer science. She is the President of the UC Berkeley Computer Science Undergraduate Association. You can follow her exploits at

SoDevious.comNicole Dominguez

Nicole Dominguez, age 16, is the brains behind, “The design blog for teenagers by teenagers.” Her site is loaded with great information; definitely worth a look.


The info-packed blog, run by Monik, age 15, offers loads of tech information on computers, gadgets and the Internet. With frequent and meaty updates this is a good resource for anyone interested in technology.

Web Sites

OK, that’s enough of the blogs. I’d like to switch gears now and go check out some other teens using the web for business.

Shield of GreenShield of Green: Junk Mail Destruction

Shield of Green is a website that makes money by helping people stop junk mail. Saving the planet and making money. Brilliant.

OK, let’s get the backstory at

Just Yell Fire: Don’t Mess

Don’t even mess with Dallas Jessup. She will inflict serious damage. She’s making a huge difference, empowering teens and young women to defend themselves against assault. Oh, and her website also kicks you-know-what:

Eau du Joe

This kid sells his own line of body products. Not kidding. And he doesn’t even seem embarrassed about it. Maybe it’s all the green in his pocket.

Go Forth & Conquer. Just Be Smart.

When you’re doing stuff and putting yourself out there on the Web, you’ve got to be smart, and you’ve got to be safe. The third clip from Biz Kid$ Episode 203 pretty much says it all. Check it:



I’ve had a blast teaching you guys. I hope you enjoyed it as well. You’ve got my email, so keep me posted on your websites. Peace.







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